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Should I freeze my coffee?

Jeannine Skelton

Feb 21, 2023

Freezing Coffee?

There is much debate and opinions over whether freezing your coffee maintains freshness or not. I will let you decide, both are great articles for your perusal. At present, I have not chosen to freeze my coffee beans but I consume them far before they would need to be froze. Do you taste the difference?

I believe there are several keys to keep in mind: the amount of moisture, light and odors the coffee would be exposed to. Freezing allows a person to reduce the rate of coffee going stale if that is a true concern, but that is over a long period of time, which I consider more than 90 days.

Freezing beans may improve the grind consistency in your grinder. If you live in a very humid environment, I do believe freezing would help to preserve the peak flavor, just be sure to use the right methods of freezing the beans in sealed containers. Like other things, oxygen causes oxidation, so it will degrade the coffee over time, so make sure your containers are sealed. You may also choose to vacuum seal the beans to remove any remnant of air. However, to keep it simple, you can simply use the original bag the beans came in, a ziplock bag and or glass jars and bottles that have a good seal on the lids.

So whether you are a home enthusiast or a coffee professional, dive into some of these or go and search for your own, either way, it can't hurt to try and see what works best for you.

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