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New Coffee Subscription Service

Jeannine Skelton

Apr 13, 2023

Monthly Coffee Subscriptions

Story Cup Coffee Subscription Service

How it Works:

Coffee of the Month Club will brew microlots of single origin bean coffee from around the world

Each month features 12 ounces of fresh roasted coffee, flavor notes and a story, delivered to your front door

You will get to taste new, amazing and exotic coffees you won't find on your grocers shelf


You choose ground or whole bean offering

Choice of Grind Type:  Drip Machine, French Press, Pour Over, Aeropress or Regular

Roast Choices:  Light to Medium, Medium to Dark, or All Roasts


# of Bags:  Single, Double or more

Each bag is 12 oz size

Frequency:  Every 2 or 4 weeks

You can skip or pause at anytime


New Subscribers to sign up between 4/13/23 and 4/30/23 will receive a special item

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